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Pittsburgh-based musician Byron Nash is known mostly for his electrifying guitar playing with the popular hip-hop rock act Formula412 who have made quite a name for themselves locally and regionally. But, before he was in 412′ (and during), Nash was always steadily recording and writing riffs, beats, grooves and ideas. Many of his ideas got used in Formula412, and many didn’t, but he kept on writing and stockpiling music. After a while, he realized that he had over ten years worth of ideas and songs ranging from heavy rock and pop, to funk-fusion, singer songwriter acoustic to electronic and  so on.
For the sake of storage and keeping files in order, many of these ideas were filed under “PLAN B” when his first group Sporadic disbanded and he was struggling to figure out his next move with music. Co-Sporadic founder and drummer Bill Gendron kept in touch with Nash and the two would jam, create as a duo, and Gendron laid down 100’s stock drum beats and pattern for Nash to use at his disposal as he improved his recording techniques and skills.

Years later Nash met guitarist Evan Thorsen at Harris Grill where the two worked together. Thorsen plays in an extreme metal band called Greywalker and the two had a common fondness for guitars, musical equipment, Heavy Metal and music history documentaries. One day Nash invited Thorsen over to jam with no real agenda but to vibe out and be creative. While their playing styles were very different, their similarities were in their hunger for learning and growing musically. So from that one random session the two would get together weekly and play, write songs and record. After a while they started to develop a sound and got deeper into recording software, production and songwriting together. Fast-forward three years and the music finally developed into a sound, that was sonically vast and creatively unique. Nash took some music production courses and seminars and studied Logic Pro (and other programs) then started his own music company BNDEEPendent Music producing music for video projects for companies.

With no real direction or agenda, the two decided to try some of the songs out live at an intimate show in late 2014. To their surprise with very little promotion and mostly word-of-mouth-the show was a huge success. That one gig got the wheels turning, and had people asking about the next show, but neither of the guitarist were thinking about taking on another band. They just continued with the same old routine of creating and recording weekly. In May of 2015 they were asked to play KAYAFEST, a popular Big Burrito restaurant that was having it’s 20th Year Anniversary block party.
The duo quickly put together a makeshift group of talented musicians for the gig. The rocked and rocked hard. Again, the response was overwhelming. The group was such a hit that people kept asking them when they were playing next and what their name was. Unbeknownst to the public, there wasn’t a band name or a next gig lined up.
That’s when Nash and Thorsen realized that there had to be something special about the chemistry of the musicians, the quality of the music, and the uniqueness of the sound that resonated with people. That one event forced the guys to reevaluate whether they should really pursue this band. Luckily, they decided to do so. PLAN B is now Philip Price (bass) and has two killer drummers, George Barron and Nash’s longtime friend and collaborator Bill Gendron who will rotate gigs.
Aside from writing good music, one of the hardest things is coming up with a cool band name that wasn’t taken already. After weeks of coming up short on names, Thorsen suggested that they just call it “Byron Nash” or “NASH,” because he had the most attention, highest profile, and already was established with his music company BNDEEPendent Music. It just made sense.

Having always been a “band guy” and not one to ever push himself as a solo artist, Nash was a little uncomfortable with the moniker, and suggested adding “PLAN B” to the name. So there you have it, the birth of BYRON NASH and PLAN B, a band born out of pure friendship and love for making music.

“Well what kind of music is it?” people love to ask. Loosely, BYRON NASH & PLAN B’s music sounds like a modern mix of Jimi Hendrix and a band of Gypsys, mixed with George Clinton, on tour with Metallica after they hung out with Ed Sheeran in the studio with the Gorillas. No, really though….

BYRON NASH & PLAN B. is a well-balanced fusion of rocking dual-guitars, funk-and-soul, straight-forward and emotional vocals, simple songwriting, and a little bit of jam-band and fusion mixed in there.

Note: Both Nash and Thorsen are still rocking with their main bands Formula412(Nash) and Greywalker (Thorsen)

Photo credits:

1.NASH FLAG -by Josh Franzos

2. Thorsen/Nash split shot – by Ashley  Ann Photography

3. “2Dudes-12Strings” – by Byron Nash

4. PLAN B. Live at KAYAFEST 2015 – by Pamela Russell

5. PLAN B. Live at KAYAFEST 2015 – by Pamela Russell

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Byron Nash

Guitarist, Songwriter, Creator, Producer

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