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What’s up everyone!!! Wow, how is it almost February already???

I’ll admit, I was a was way behind and a bit overwhelmed to keep up with the blog page as I first anticipated. Now that I have a grasp on everything, I promise that I will keep the blogs more frequent and flowing on a regular schedule. For those who know me well, I think I had more than a full plate. My apologies! :)

Thanks for visiting and keeping up with my progress and musical developments. I feel like 2013 was a focused year of “planning and growth” and 2014 is the year of “execution and action!” I know that I may have seemed a little quiet on the scene, but in actuality, a lot of noise has been happening in the studio. I’ve been carefully cultivating and writing a bunch of new material and pushing myself to become a better overall musician, producer and songwriter. I’m also very excited about my collaborations with other talented musicians because we’ve writing and recording some really cool music that I am very proud of. I’m also getting near the end of production of my first solo music video shot and produced by Josh Franzos. I worked with Josh on a Formula412 video called “Hold Up,” a few years back. We struck up a friendship and creative partnership based off of our love for music, art and all things creative. Together, we have been working on a short, but sweet introduction video. I can’t wait to share it with everyone!

To see the video he did with my band Formula412, visit Hold Up. (for some reason the link wouldn’t work in this post after several failed attempts!! Sorry guys!! You are a clever crowd, you can find it with ease.)

And last, but not least– For all of the Formula412 fans who kept asking me, “Yo, when’s the next Formula412 show? Ya’ll still rockin’ or what?” Don’t you worry, me and the 412Family have been working hard to bring you some new music that we hope you will enjoy as much as we do! The stuff is sounding sick!!!

In other news…

I’m excited to announce that I have finally started my own company: BNDeependent Music! Basically, I’ve been writing and producing music for various video projects and business over the past year and thought, “I better make this thing legit.” Truth is, I’ve always wanted to start my own music-related business and expand beyond the limits of just playing guitar. Plus, I have so much other music that most people aren’t even aware of.  I felt like there’s no better time than now to start sharing and releasing it to the world. Through this new business venture, I feel more ready than ever to accomplish that goal.

I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with some extremely talented Pittsburgh-based artists including Jesse Riesemeyer and Sarah Nelsen on some Nash-brand designs and  logos, which will include stickers, T-Shirts, pens, coffee mugs and other really neat items that will be available for everyone in the very near future for purchase. Check out Sarah’s website at She is the artist who helped me design and develop all of the images for the website, stickers and my business card! I am forever grateful to these ladies for their faith in this project, and for their talent, time and patience. They are amazing to work with.

So there it is everyone. Expect to HEAR and see a lot from myself, and Formula412 in 2014.

Well, keep chasing whatever dream that is your heart’s desire as will I! Stay focused, motivated and positive!!! I gotta get back on the grind!!


Byron “NASTY” Nash


Byron Nash

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